I’m a comedic actor, film narrator and podcaster.

I’ve lived a lot of places and done a variety of things - commercials, voiceovers, films, standup comedy.

Comedy improv in Chicago. Standup comedy in New York City. Storytelling and comedy coaching in Berlin.

The thread weaving through it all is telling a story.

I know what a good story is – how to tell one and how to help you tell a better one.

Some say that my workshops are like ‘story therapy’ because although we laugh and have a lot of fun, we do go deep.

I’m told I have a knack of finding the kernel of what you’re really trying to say when you tell your tale.

In my story workshops, you will hone your presentation, solidify your knowledge of the craft of storytelling and be part of a creative community that values self-expression and helping others achieve their best.

Whether you’re telling a serious story or comedic or somewhere in between, you will have a great time.

You will tell your story and you’ll critique the stories of others, helping you hone your critical eye of what works and what doesn’t

Imagine a fun, supportive community where you can experiment and grow.

Look no further.

You’re ready for that, no?

To finally, really, tell your tale?