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“Mike gives really, really clear feedback – he nails it and is really souverän. I came to realize what an art form storytelling is.”

Katja, actress

"I honestly believe your input steered my story into a new, better direction. And made me a better storyteller. I was very hesitant to make it all about the humour aspect of my religious experiences, but as I worked your suggestions into my revised story - it all started to really click. I changed my body language, My depictions and incorporated my natural comic self into the performance (which had a lot more punch than my original version)."

Deepti Anupundi: standup comedian, writer, storyteller


Working with Mike helped me to take third place in my Toastmasters regional contest!!

“This is story-therapy! Mike uses his coaching skills to go to the heart of the matter - finding what matters to your heart within your story. Superficial ramblings are allowed in the service of humour and pace authenticity is the thing, and style and purpose.

Wendy: freelance consultant in quality and leadership


“Mike is like your dry, witty uncle with hilarious stories to tell.

In Mike's workshop, he facilitates a safe, inviting, and fun environment in which to learn what makes stories work well.

I had such a great time — even over Zoom! — and I expect to use the skills I learned in his workshop not just for storytelling, but also for writing scholarship applications and pitching future projects to investors!

Jesse Pinho: USC Screenwriting MFA Student


“Dear Mike. Thank you for your lovely storytelling workshop.

The intimacy of the atmosphere throughout encouraged me totell intimate stories, which I normally hold back out of fear of embarrassment.

The warm-up ritual at the beginning of each session was a great idea, adding to the intimate atmosphere.

Your leadership qualities come from a real compassion for STORYTELLING as an art form. And that is so inspiring!

Please do it again!”

Sylvia: writer, storyteller


“Mike’s workshops are fun and extremely inspiring. He listens to your story and then he asks questions, and suddenly you realize: there’s much more to your story than you had thought at first.

Say, the prompt is a little vague and you decide on some anecdote that happened years ago and you say, yeah, it’ll do. You tell your story and then Mike comes in with his questions and suddenly you’re deep into whatever was going on in your life at that time. Another participant called it ‘story therapy’.

Of course, you can keep all of that to yourself. That’s another thing he does: he doesn’t give you advice – unless you specifically ask for it. For me, that meant, I have the space to develop my story in whatever way I wish. Then, the next session, you can repeat, no problem, and find out how your story works with this different approach you have come up with.

A true workshop spirit, I highly recommend it. This guy knows what he’s doing!”

Eva: Berlin-based translator & public speaker